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7 Reasons You Need to Create a Household Budget

by World of Finance on November 6, 2011

It is the misconception of many people that a budget is only for people with high incomes, not for people who are living from paycheck to paycheck. Fortunately, this isn’t true and every household can benefit from a basic budget. In fact, a budget can be extremely beneficial to households of any income.

Ultimate Control

Not tracking purchases and bill payments can give someone the feeling of no control over their finances. By creating a budget, the individual, couple or family have complete and total control over their money. They know where it’s going, when it’s going there and how much will be left over for other things.

Builds Discipline

Without a budget, it can be easy to throw money away on frivolous purchases. However, creating a budget and knowing how much needs to go towards bills, savings and other accounts and how much is leftover for spending helps to build discipline.

Relieves Stress

It’s true, having a budget can help reduce stress when trying to figure out where the money is ‘coming from’ for paying the bills. Knowing how much money is coming and where the money is coming from helps put a person in control of their finances, thus greatly reducing any stress that may be coming from financial issues.

Reduce Debt

A budget can show a family where extra money is, it can also help them divert that money toward more important things such as reducing debt. By reducing debt, they can then free up additional money for other things they may desire, such as a new television or they can put that money into another type of savings.

Create Common Goals

Whether they’re common goals of the family or the common goals of a couple, a budget helps people come together over a common goal. That goal can be as simple as a new television or it can be a vacation getaway. Either way, a budget that includes common goals can help bring a household together.

Increase Savings

A budget can teach a person where to cut down on expenses, thus teaching them to live below their means. By doing this, more money can be diverted into a savings account whether that savings be a rainy day fund, a college fund, a retirement fund or another type of savings.

Avoid Fees

By knowing how much money a household has, where that money goes and when, the household can easily avoid overdraft fees and other fees that may be accrued by overdrawing or other issues. This can be extremely beneficial, as it saves money and even reduces stress by knowing there won’t be any unexpected fees.

A good budget is the foundation of a comfortable household. A budget can be beneficial no matter what the family’s income. It can also bring families together, increase savings and help people get out of debt, making the budget an extremely beneficial part of the household.

This is a guest post by Patty Kleen.

About the Author: Patty Kleen is a full-time writer with a passion for personal finance. She knows how important it is to stick to a budget, especially as a freelancer with a changing income. She also writes about credit repair, unsecured bad credit loans, and money saving tips for the holidays.

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18 Responses to “7 Reasons You Need to Create a Household Budget”

  • krantcents says:

    A budget is also a structure to help you achieve your financial goals.

  • Mark of Success says:

    Hi Mary,

    My first time on your site. Did I get your name right?

    This is a nice guest post by Patty! Sometimes people get afraid of budgets. A budget is advisable for everyone, especially for those who do not have money to waste.

    By the way, did you forget to link to Patty’s site (that is, if she has one)?


    • Hi Mark. Thanks for the concern as I would absolutely hate to forget something like that, but Patty included the link she wanted in her author bio. We really appreciate you looking out for us though :) Glad you enjoyed the article. She did a great job.

      • Mark of Success says:

        Hi Mary,

        I’m glad to know that it was taken care of. I had actually checked the site that was linked from the bio, but that site listed a few names that didn’t include Patty. That left me confused and led me to ask about it. I’m still left in doubt about her name being missing there, but no worries. It’s nice getting to know you.


  • LaTisha says:

    It’s so important to create a budget to avoid fees. Sometimes I feel like screaming when I hear people wondering why they are getting hit with so many fees. They’re not coming out of the sky people! lol

  • MoneyCone says:

    Great points! Without a budget, it is easy to lose track of where the money is getting spent. For me, a budget minimized surprises.

    • Another valid point MC, a budget minimizes surprises :P It’s easy to have cash and later wonder where it all went… a budget is great to help manage this very scenario.

  • Paula @ Afford Anything says:

    I like the point that it builds a common goal … its something that the family can “bond” over.

    • A common goal can help bring families together :) Enlightening kids on some aspects of the finances and goals can also help build valuable life-long characteristics as well.

  • Buck Inspire says:

    I always thought a budget was for specific projects. Now it is an essential tool for people to keep track of themselves financially, plan for the future, and bond, too. Nice post!

  • Funancials says:

    Great article but I would disagree with the first sentence. A common misconception is that budgets are only for low income people, living paycheck to paycheck. Those with high income spend money without considering where all their money is going.

  • Dave says:

    A budget is also a great way to cut down on impulsive spending.

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