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Alexa Rank Drops Below 200K

by World of Finance on September 21, 2011


Awhile back you may remember, World of Finance signed up for the Yakezie Challege.  (Notice the Yakezie Challenger badge displayed on the site :) ).  The Yakezie network is full of wonderful people that I have had the pleasure of meeting.  If you currently have a personal finance or lifestyle website/blog, I strongly encourage you to sign up for the challenge as well.

Being a Challenger means that you publish 2-4 articles each week and also help promote other Challengers and Members.  The goal is to achieve an Alexa rank below 200,000.  This past week, World of Finance dropped below this mark, currently at 189,436, and is still just as motivated to push forward to become a Yakezie member.

World of Finance wants to thank ALL of it’s readers and fellow Yakezie Members and Challengers for their continued support.  It has been a pleasure interacting with ALL of you.  To celebrate this achievement, we want to give back by holding a giveaway.  Please check back soon for details of how to enter.

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