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Fabulous Personal Finance Articles from Around the Globe, Edition #11

by World of Finance on November 13, 2011

Here at World of Finance, we like to highlight some of the well-written, very informative personal finance articles for our readers by publishing Fabulous Personal Finance Articles from Around the Globe.  To view our last edition, see here.  Without further adue,



1) Do you have any idea how much CEOs are making?  It can be a shock the first time you see the numbers.  Check out CEOs with Golden Parachutes at Financial Success for Young Adults for the facts.

2) Have you ever wondered how it could be possible to retire early?   Sounds impossible right, but Life and My Finances spells it out for you in their article How to Retire in 5 Years.

3) Have you met any skilled visa workers that live on less than $10 a year?  SB at One Cent at a Time has and he tells their story in his latest article – Living Well on Less Than $10,000 a Year: Skilled Visa Workers.

4) Are you aware of what’s going on with the European Economic Crisis?  Invest in the Markets does a wonderful job explaining it with an analogy in their The Flattened PIIGS article.

5) Not sure where to park your cash?  Moneycone says Don’t Park Your Cash in CDs until You’ve at Least Considered This Alternative! 

6) Do you often find yourself at work pondering the idea – Should I Stay Late or Go Home?  Krantcent discusses this very idea in their latest article.



1) Why the Customer Retention Department Should Become Your New Best Friend

2) 7 Reasons You Need to Create a Household Budget

3) 3 Reasons You Should Consider Batch Cooking



1) Wisebread for mentioning one of our articles

2) SavvySugar for mentioning one of our articles

3) Invest in the Markets  for featuring us in their Sunday Stock Exchange



We want to thank our readers for their continued support and also the members of the Yakezie Network!  If you have an article that you would like featured in an upcoming edition or if you would like to submit a guest post, feel free to contact us via the Contact tab above.

We hope everyone has a great week ahead both personally and financially!

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