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How I Invested $50 in my Health

by World of Finance on January 14, 2012

Last time the topic of discussion was Starting the New Year Off Right.  Today is a follow-up to that article as one of many key aspects to your life is your health.  This is why I decided to invest $50 in my health.  I used the word invest and I’m not even talking about the stock market here.


A big part of your health is your diet.  The saying, “You are what you eat” has a lot of truth to it.  Studies have shown that a large group of people do not consume the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables.  Personally, I tend to consume more fruits than vegetables.  The reason for this is that fruits are easy to take on the go.  I put a banana or apple in my purse and it serves as an excellent snack during the work day at the office.  With vegetables, this is not so much the case.

Being very focused on our health, my boyfriend and I decided it was time to buy a juicer.  We researched the market and found a good one for $50.  Since purchasing our new juicer, I have drastically increase my vegetable intake as I can now take it in liquid form.  Carrot juice is amazing and so fresh.  I can’t wait to try new concoctions and keep on consuming more vegetables on my way to an even healthier lifestyle!  I have always loved juice so this was a great solution to eat more vegetables!


Buying a juicer can be a great solution to increasing your produce intake.  Often, people do not have enough fruits and vegetables in their regular diet.  I’m very happy with our investment and I am excited about living a healthy life in 2012.

Do you consume enough fruits and vegetables?  Are you ready to make an investment in your health? Have you made other investments in your health?  We’d love to hear your stories.

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17 Responses to “How I Invested $50 in my Health”

  • Niki says:

    We eat a lot of veggies and fruits at our house. I am also a firm believer in eating healthy to stay healthy. Good luck with eating more healthily and with your cool juicer.

  • MoneyCone says:

    Buying a juicer is a neat idea! We’ve been thinking of getting one as well to get jr. to try more fruits and veggies.

    • @ MC – So far we’ve been really happy with ours. Juicing can be a great way to increase fruit and vegetable intake for kids. The trick is to make it taste good ;) and kids don’t know the difference.

  • YFS says:

    I must admit I definitely do not eat a lot of fruit. I make up for it in the veggies department. I also take a multivitamin and other supplements to get what I miss from not consuming fruit.

    • @ YFS – Great to hear you consume a lot of veggies. Why do you think it is that you don’t consume much fruit? Taking a multivitamin and other supplements is also a great idea. :)

  • We have a juicer addon for our Magimix food processor but it is not the best gadget as it easily gets clogged up and is a pain to clean. Otherwise we have lots of blenders (there is a story there about why so many). But our best blender was a little hand-held thing that you put into the saucepan. Unfortunately this broke after many years of service and the replacement is not as good. But it is quite easy to use and does make lovely soups …….

    • @ John – One complaint I have heard about juicers is that they are a pain to clean. At least with ours, I have found that immediately after you use it, it’s best to rinse it off to get it clean without much hassle. Lots of blenders? – must be a fun story ;)

  • krantcents says:

    We have a salad almost every meal (dinner) and some lunches. I usually take leftovers. I love fruits and vegetables so I eat them as snacks. Do I get enough? I am pretty healthy for an old guy.

    • @ KC – Sounds like you live a healthy life KC. Awesome idea to take leftovers and eat fruits and veggies as snacks. I do the same and think it really helps to maintain your weight, if not drop a couple pounds.

  • I’m thoroughly convinced that any investment in your health is worth it. There is really no dollar amount you can put on feeling good, looking great, and being in top shape. My wife and I often pay more for fat-free foods and for healthier options at restaurants. Sometimes just because a food choice is on the “value menu” or a special, it doesn’t make it a good purchase.

    • @ MMD – You are spot on! It boils down to paying a little more now (paying for your health) or paying for it later (when it’s too late). I’d much rather pay for it now. Great tips MMD!

  • Juicer is a big contributor to fruits intake, good step you took. My wife has all kinds of machines, juicer, miser, grinder, blender and god knows what else.

    • @ SB – Thanks SB! So far juicing has helped increase my fruit and vegetable intake. Sounds like you guys also put your kitchen appliances to good use. Here’s to a healthy 2012! :)

  • Buck Inspire says:

    Good for you! We eat a decent amount of fruits, but not enough veggies. Thanks for the reminder!

  • I think your own health is something to truly value. I always try to invest in my health and I put it above any financial goals I have.

    By the way, have you noticed a difference in your health since you bought the juicer?

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