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Recommended Reading & Updates #4

by World of Finance on August 21, 2011

About once a week, I like to highlight some of the fabulous personal finance articles I have seen around the web.  In addition, I also like to update my readers on how WoF (World of Finance) is doing.  Thanks to all of it’s supporters, WoF continues to lower it’s Alexa rank week by week (see how it did last week).  Recently, it also received a MozRank of 2.86 and an estimated PR of 2.0 – although I’m unsure as to how this happened as today it updated to 0.  I will keep you posted on this.  If anyone has any idea of why this happened as well, I would greatly appreciate the input from the more experienced bloggers out there :)

Recommended Reading:

1) Two Different Approaches to Real Estate Investing – guest post at LifeandMyFinances

2) Make Your Own Cleaning Products – guest post at Financial Success for Young Adults

3) Tax Free Income – by krantcents (Who doesn’t like this idea :P )

4) Go Green Savings:  Live in a Smaller Home posted at Everything Finance (Blog swap)

5) Grow Your Own Veggies and Save Moolah posted at Retireby40 (Blog swap)

6) Investing for All Seasons by CashFlowMantra

7) Ally vs. Ing Direct: A Face Off! by Moneycone

8) How Much Should I Save, And Why? by Invest It Wisely

9) The Best Droid Is The One You Already Have by Afford Anything

10) Protecting Your Credit Cards – guest post at Financially Consumed

I think these 10 articles do a great job showing how personal finance affects our lives from investing to cleaning products to food we eat and so much more.  This is the foundation of the site – World of Finance.  Hope you enjoy these articles and learn something new from them.

Hope everyone has a great week ahead, both personally and financially!

Best Regards,

Mary, Editor at WoF

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