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Understand Sales Techniques

by World of Finance on December 27, 2011

Have you ever made an impulsive purchase?  Sales representatives know how to prey on the misinformed to make a sale.  They are actually trained on this and can be quite successful using certain sales techniques.  Last week I was tested, read more to see if I passed the test or not…

Have you ever been at the mall and seen the kiosks where they style hair?  I’ve seen these around and love how they style hair, looks like it was professionally done.  What they use is a curling iron, but it’s more like a hot wand/stick.  So I decided to go up to the girl working there and ask her how much the curling iron cost.  Instead, she didn’t tell me the price.  She had other plans for me.  She asked if I would like to try it.  Of course, I said sure why not? ;)

I sat in the chair as she styled my hair.  It was starting to look very nice.  Then… she asks me if I would like to learn how to style my hair with the curling iron.  She proceeds forward and teaches me the tricks so that I learn how to do this myself.  She showed me to keep it at an angle, how to let the hair fall down, basically, the whole nine yards.

Now that she thinks that she has me hooked and in love with her product, she’s ready to talk about the price.  She starts off by saying, normally the price is $300 but it’s on sale for $150.  Of course she doesn’t stop there.  She goes on to say that in addition to the sale, she would also give me the VIP card (trying to make me feel special isn’t that so sweet of her lol).  She explained that the VIP card would allow me to use them as my stylist whenever I was at the mall.  She said the purpose behind this is that other people will see them styling a pretty girls hair and want to buy the product.

At this point, she thinks she has me eating out of her hand.  I throw a curve-ball her way and say that I like the product but I wasn’t planning on spending that much money today.  She’s still not ready to give up on me quite yet… She said she was going to speak with her manager to see if she could offer me a lower price.  She goes away for a minute and comes back speaking in a quiet voice.  She said that there was another customer near which meant she couldn’t speak loudly so she used a calculator to display the price… now she was offering me the product for $100.  I told her that I liked the product but I wasn’t ready to spend that kind of money today.  Finally, she decided to back off and it was my queue to leave.

Later I passed by the booth again and the other sales representative said something to me referencing as to why I didn’t buy the curling iron.  I must have been the talk of their kiosk. ;)  Oh well, I know that I passed the test and stayed within my budget!

 Following are two main reasons why it’s important to understand the various sales techniques used everyday:


Impulse purchases can break the bank and add to your debt. Plus, many of these purchases end up sitting around the house and don’t even get used as it wasn’t a thought out analysis if you really needed or wanted the product in the first place.  More often then not, these tend to be a waste of money.


If I do decide at a later date that I want the curling iron, I know the sales techniques that they use which helps me to get the best price possible.  Now, I can use that information as leverage and play my cards right. :)  Never let sales people get the best of you!

Have you ever made an impulse purchase and later regretted it?  Have you since learned not to make these types of purchases anymore?

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23 Responses to “Understand Sales Techniques”

  • Great points in this post! It’s amazing what kind of tactics salespeople use to convince people to spend way too much on things they don’t need.

    I remember right after my ex-husband and I got married, a Kirby vacuum salesman knocked on our door. I was secretly cracking up at all his “hardcore” sales tactics, which I thought were pretty predictable. Imagine my shock when my new husband said, “We’ll take it!” I waited until the guy left to throw my psycho fit and we ended up returning it the next day.

  • Moneycone says:

    I would add one more – be prepared to walk away. No salesman wants to lose a sale. Remember, for you it is a purchase, for them it is their bread and butter. They are more desperate than you.

    • @ Moneycone – Great point. Always be prepared to walk away. Having learned this at a young age, has saved me a ton of money ;) As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become even more of a minimalist. I don’t even like going to the mall anymore lol.

  • When I was younger and had small children, a pest control salesman came to the house. He was very aggressive and quite rude at times. I should have kicked him out but was intimidated and signed the contract just to get him out of my house. I learned my lesson and now I don’t let anyone push me around.

  • When I was younger I was quite an impulsive shopper. I was also an emotional shopper. This bad habit ended up getting me into debt. Not good.

    Over the last few years I have worked on improving my shopping habits and I must say I am much happier. I no longer have to worry about clutter or a bill I can’t pay.

  • krantcents says:

    I rarely buy impulsively, but I have had many years to learn to resist it. I just keep myself away from those situations.

  • I just don’t do that – buy on impulse. Having said that, I bought a toy for my son by a guy who came to the door; it was rubbish toy but the guy was great. There was something about him, an air of honesty and desire to be helpful When I asked him why is he doing this for work he told me he has just come out of prison and there is no other work. This is when I bought the toy – this guy deserved a chance. Then again, I may have become a victim of the oldest sales trick in the book.

    • @ Maria – That’s the tough part. You don’t know who to believe these days… you think you are helping someone out, but really it might be nothing but a lie… very sad.

  • That’s pretty funny! I love how you became the “talk of the kiosk”! LOL. Good reminder to buy only what we intend when going to the store and keep the impulse spending to a minimum (or better yet, none at all)!

  • Nice job saying no and walking away. It’s amazing how many people fold under the pressure. I have to agree with MoneyCone about always being ready to walk away. As long as I’m the one with the money and they’re the ones who want it, I hold the power.

  • Buck Inspire says:

    Awesome story. I’m not an impulsive guy, but my wife is another story! Just kidding. She’s on good behavior most of the time. Wonder if those sales techniques can be used in blogging. VIP newsletters and limited time offers on eBooks. Sound familiar? ;)

  • Marissa says:

    I bought the nail system at the mall this way. Are you telling me that I’m not a VIP client? Lol

    Car salesmen use this allllll the time and most people fall for it really easily.

  • Doctor Stock says:

    Haha… love the manipulation of the manipulators. I’m surprised they didn’t ask how much you were willing to pay, and then offer instalments, thus meeting your target for spending “today.”

  • Yes, I’ve made several impulse buys over the years. Coming from a sales background, many people say we are the easist to sell to.

  • May have to use this in reverse this week! One of the club’s I’m involved with at school is having a fund raiser. We’ll try not to be too skeezy, though! :p

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