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Weekly Round-up & Updates #2

by World of Finance on August 7, 2011


It’s that time again…. time to recognize some of the great articles written this past week in the personal finance community and provide my readers with updates regarding my site.


I wanted to start out by saying thank you to all my readers for their support and comments.  It really makes blogging a more fun and interactive experience.  Even though my site has only celebrated it’s one month birthday, it has a lot to be proud of.

For those of you who are not aware, Alexa ranks websites on various metrics.  The main Alexa number is a 3-month average rank of the site’s traffic worldwide.  Currently, my three month average is 535,119, but as my site is only one month old, this number is skewed; whereas my one month average is ranked 197,748.  When I signed up for the Yakezie Challenge, one of my goals was and still is to achieve an Alexa ranking of less than 200,000 .  In a way, I have achieved this goal on the one month perspective, but ultimately, my goal is to have a 3-month average of less than 200,000.   If you currently write a personal finance or lifestyle blog, I strongly recommend joining this network.  It really is a great group of people!  Just wanted to make a “shout-out” the the Yakezie group :)  Blogging can be a great hobby that has potential to turn into an income stream as we should all choose our hobbies wisely. If you like my site, please feel free to leave a review under the reviews tab that can be accessed here as shown in the picture above.


Here are only some of the well-written, highly-recommended articles written this past week. Feel free to read the articles and leave comments for the editors as this is what makes writing more fun :)  Without further a due, (drumroll please :P), they are:

1) My Apologies to the Economy by Cash Flow Mantra (humor added to personal finance)

2) Google is Cutting Me Checks for My Site by LifeAndMyFinances

3) Cash a Check Through Your Smartphone by Moneycone

4) Stop Worrying About the National Debt by Afford Anything

5) How Much Money Do the Top Income Earners Make by Financial Samurai

6) Cancel Your Newspaper & Magazine Subscriptions by Retire by 40

7) Stock Market Blues: I Have Started Buying Today by One Cent At A Time

8) How to Use Morningstar by Financial Success for Young Adults

9) Tips on Asking for a Promotion or Raise by Money in the 20s

10) To Rent or Buy by Yes, I Am Cheap

11) Are Financial Independent Women A Turn On by Young and Thrifty

12) Buffet on Gold: He Makes Some Interesting Points by Squirrelers

13) How to Retire Early? Richer and Sooner by Everything Finance

Thanks to everyone for such a great week of blogging!  Hope everyone has a great week ahead, personally and financially :)

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