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Yakezie Weekly Round-up and Updates

by World of Finance on July 30, 2011


I wanted to start out by saying thank you to all my readers for the support and comments you share, making it a more interactive and fun experience.  On a weekly basis, I am going to start sharing great personal finance articles from the PF (personal finance) community that I recommend reading.  I hope you enjoy the following articles as much as I have.  ENJOY!  Feel free to leave comments as bloggers enjoy interacting with their audience :)

* Paula from Afford Anything shares  5 Habits that Help Me Save Without Trying

* Derek from LifeAndMyFinances shares I May Have Just Won A Million Dollars

* MC from MoneyCone shares Sending Money to Family & Friends – My Search for A Paypal Alternative Ends Here 

* RBF from Retire By Forty shares A Million Dollars is NOT Enough

* Crystal from Budgeting in the Fun Stuff shares How I Lower Our Cable & Internet Bill Regularly

* SB from One Cent At A Time shares Finance Is Simple, Keep It Simple, 50 Simple Money Ideas

* CFM from Cash Flow Mantra shares Are You Ready For Stock Market Limbo?

* MR from Money Reasons shares Roth IRA Benefits for Kids 

ALL GREAT READS!  Now It’s time to enjoy the weekend!  Feel free to leave comments or contact me via the Contact Page above as I love hearing from my readers, even if it’s just to say hi.  :)  Hope you all are enjoying your weekend! 


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