Are You A Spender or a Saver?

Did you know that money is one of the main reasons people get divorced?  Do you remember dating, going through the honeymoon stage of the relationship, when everything was fun?  Then later adjusting to the relationship once you live with the other person and share bills and cleaning responsibilities.

Money especially can add stress to the relationship and take away from the romance.  There are three different scenarios that can make up couples when it comes to money.

1)  Spender + Spender

One particular couple comes to mind.  They both love going out to dinner and lavish vacations.  They both make a good living and definitely enjoy spending almost every penny to pay for their lifestyle.  Normally, one might generalize and think that just because someone makes a good living, he/she has a large savings – this is not true with this couple.

Currently, they enjoy life, perhaps more focused on short-term than long-term, but how long can they keep this up?  To my knowledge, they do not argue about money as they share the same perspective and spending patterns.

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On a different scale, a couple making a smaller income cumulatively that spends, spends, spends might have problems paying bills if the money is not properly allocated…. if all is going to the fun and entertainment category instead of necessary, need-based bills (mortgage/rent, electric, water, etc.)  I know another couple who bought a dvd player for the car when they couldn’t even meet rent that month.

2) Spender + Saver

This is when you start to see some controversy.  On one end, you have someone saying that we should save the money and on the other end someone is saying to spend it.  What would be the ideal situation with a spender and a saver?  Perhaps, implementing a budget that allows for some compromise.

I actually know a couple who implemented this strategy and became quite successful with it.  Spending has allowed them to enjoy life today and saving has allowed them to achieve some of their short-term/long-term goals.  This scenario should never be one sided, as in any relationship compromise is key.

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3) Saver + Saver

Do these people even know how to have fun?  Or do they know how to have fun without spending money?  I’m sure they live within a budget.  Perhaps these people will be prepared for the long-term and any rainy-day expenses, but do they know how to let themselves spend money every once in awhile?

This couple would probably find promotions to go on vacation and use credit cards for cashback rewards.  To read about two personal finance bloggers dating, check out this article.  (quite funny).

Do you see yourself in any of these scenarios?  If you have additional comments to add on this topic, we encourage our readers to share.    We love the reader interaction!

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